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Check-Out helps clients provide their information while you meet new customers!

What is Check-Out?

Check-Out is an online platform that helps people build and share detailed Estate or Legacy Plans. This easy to use lifestyle website prompts clients to provide information, bucket list wishes and end-of-life planning, creating positive outcomes for families and their estate, financial or trust advisors.

How Does this Help My Business?

The typical file takes many hours to search, gather and compile the information needed to create or manage an account. What if your client simply did most of the work for you? With your time spent more effectively, you are free to provide better service and invoice at your own discretion.

Direct Benefits
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your client’s needs

  • Prompts clients to add items that might be missed otherwise

  • Be part of the Team and meet your client’s inner circle

  • Check-Out is fast, secure and easy to use

  • Download important documents and photos

  • Clients can update information anytime & you have 24/7 access

Grow Your Business with Check-Out
Grow Your Client Base

Increase exposure and referrals with Check-Out’s Team feature

Increase Profit

Reduced time spent on-boarding means better efficiency and retained revenue

Stand Apart

A unique strategy to set yourself apart from the rest. Provide superior service as an Estate, Financial or Trust Advisor

The Finish Line

Clients are driven to complete their forms with regular prompts from Check-Out

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