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What is Check-Out?

Check-Out offers a legacy planning tools that will help you to gather much of the information that is needed to create the best possible outcomes. And, it will save time by reducing the typical “back and forth” needed to gather all needed information to prepare your file.

How Will it Help?

The Check-Out website offers all sorts of prompts, tips and guides to help you organize and provide information and keep it current. What’s more, you can easily upload important documents and photos that you wish to store or share.

Benefits for Both of Us
  • Saves time and energy

  • Prompts you to add items that might otherwise be missed

  • Allows you to update information anytime

  • It’s fast, safe and easy to use

  • Add photos and important documents

  • The opportunity to creates a legacy your family will appreciate

Included with Your Free
Check-Out Plan
Get Family Involved!

Lead the discussion about Legacy planning with your family and friends.
Check-Out offers re-written letters and notes to make it fast and easy.

Keep Pets Safe!

Create a succession plan for your pet that ensures they will be well cared for if anything happens to you.

Create a Real Legacy!

Add and share your favorite stories, recipes, songs, movies and more! The Making Memories section will help you share the things that matter most.

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Ph 613.123.456Z
Suite 206 - 1234 Sunny Street
Awesomeville, ON, YYY YYY





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