How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Keep your home running smoothly no matter what by storing critical information in CheckOutPlan

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    "Prepare Your Family in 10 Easy Steps" is a checklist with helpful tips on how to make sure your family, including pets, are prepared for the unexpected. Sent promptly to your inbox.

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    Provide the Information your Household Needs to Run Smoothly with your Legacy Plan

    Prepare Your Household

    Check-Out makes your most important documents accessible and offers a full set legacy planning tools to support your family and closest advisors... Even the pets!

    Keep Information Accessible

    Empower your family to manage the present and the future with confidence. Use CheckOutPlan to collaborate and communicate and make a comprehensive Legacy Plan

    A Legacy to Share with Family

    Share your family history. Check-Out will guide you to make an inventory of your life, your best memories and more. Create permanence with a wonderful legacy to be shared and passed down

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