Keep important information accessible

Check-Out will help you build a Legacy Plan for these uncertain times

Use Check-Out to give your family access to the information they need to keep your household functioning should the unexpected happen. Life is complicated. Gather important documents and make it easily accessible to your family and personal advisors. Use our Legacy Planning tools to make a CheckOutPlan™ – Add the location of important documents and all the items that matter. Your wishes. Rest easy knowing a plan is in place. Let’s do this!

 End-of-Life Plan for your Family

It Pays to Plan Ahead

With Input from Family & Advisors. Here’s why:


Prevent Family Conflict

Families often fight over the sentimental items. Avoid the damage caused by those fights by directing your family in advance by letting them know who and why.


All Important Papers in One Place

Securely upload the documents and photos that matter most to you and your family. Don’t make them search or guess. Share what you want.


Share Memories and More!

Tell your stories and the history of your family through the photos and music that define you. How would you like to be remembered?

Build a Roadmap

A place to store important documents, photos and wishes all in one secure place

Check-Out Pricing

Why Check-Out?

  • Don't leave them guessing

    Create your plan and upload important documents & photos

  • Keep details current

    Update your details with a few clicks…The only constant in life is change

  • Tell YOUR story

    Share a legacy of the memories, images and music that define you

Check-Out Benefits
  • Your CheckOutPlan is valuable

    Save time and money at the Lawyers or Estate Planners

  • Have "the Talk"

    Lead discussion about legacy planning using Check-Out

  • Security & privacy

    Check-Out works hard to protect your security and privacy

People Love Using Check-Out

There’s no easier way to collaborate and plan

People Love Using Check-Out
  • Everyone Should Do This!

    “I don’t like computers at all, but using Check-Out was really easy for me.
    Super easy! The prompts helped me stay on track and get things done quickly. Anybody can do this… And everybody SHOULD do this!”

    L.L. BScN, RN

  • So Many Good Ideas

    “I love this idea of having everything in one place. It’s full of ideas I’ve never thought about but are so important. ”


  • Easy to Use

    “I found the “Using Check-Out” page super helpful. It helped to guide me through the various sections of CheckOutPlan quickly and easily.”


Check-Out’s sections help you to build a powerful legacy

Check-Out Helps - Steps to success
Who uses Check-Out?

Who Uses Check-Out?

  • People who want to prevent wasteful spending at the time of their passing

  • Elderly parents who want to leave a lasting legacy and guidance

  • Advisors & planners who want to improve service to their clients and their business

  • The family and friends of someone with a critical illness

  • People who don’t want their life’s experiences to be forgotten

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