Build Your Team

With a little help from your friends, make life
easier for those left behind

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Give Your Trusted Family and Friends an Opportunity to Help using Check-Out

Make sure that the right people are in place and ready to assist when the time comes

Make your plan come alive with support from your team of trusted family and friends. Give your loved ones the opportunity to help you to fulfill your final wishes.

In this section, invite and confirm team leaders, members and helpers. Add confirmed members to your team and provide them with access to their own private dashboard in Check-Out. They can view ONLY the parts of your plan that you’re ready to share.

Give Your Trusted Family and Friends an Opportunity to Help

Build & Prepare Your Team

  • Your wishes your team

    Choose the people you trust to carry out your final wishes

  • Speed-up the process

    Check-Out’s professionally-written letters and invites help speed things up

  • Control what they see

    Choose which documents you are ready and willing to share

With the Support of Your Team
  • Add back-ups

    Just in case, add back-up or substitute team members to support or replace your first picks

  • Team member duties

    Once confirmed, send them a pre-written outline of their tasks

  • Rewarding your team

    Visit our Resources section to find tips on how to say “Thank You” your team

Building Your Dream Team

Gather the people who will ensure that your Check-Out plan is successfully completed

Make Your Shortlist

Assess what needs to be done and consider who are the best people to see these tasks through

Invite Team Members

Reach out to potential team members using a pre-written request asking them to join the team

Name Your Team!

Ensure that your funeral, celebration is carried out right by assigning the right team members

With the Support of Family and Friends

Provide an opportunity for family and friends to help when the time comes. Check-Out provides a guided process to select, invite and direct your trusty team

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Build the Best Team with Support from Check-Out’s Resources Section

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