Build Your Team

Choose trusted family & advisors
and provide access to your CheckOutPlan

step 3

Build Your Team of Family, Advisors & Friends to Support Your Plan

Make sure that the right people are in place and ready as needed

Make your legacy plan come alive with support from a team, typically composed of trusted family, advisors and friends. Give them the opportunity to collaborate or preview the sections of your CheckOutPlan when you're ready to share.

Give Your Trusted Family and Friends an Opportunity to Help

Add the Right People

  • Make your information accessible

    Team Members have access to your shared information 24/7

  • Check-Out makes it easy

    Use the pre-written letters to speed up invites and more

  • Share only what you want

    Choose which parts of your CheckOutPlan you wish to share

With the Support of Your Team
  • Manage team members easily

    It's easy to add or delete Team Members whenever you like

  • Define team member duties

    Communicate and let each Team Member know what is expected of them

  • Rewards for the team!

    For ideas on how to say “Thank You” your team, visit the Articles section

Gathering a Great Team

Who are the people you can trust to show up when called upon?

Make Your Shortlist

Assess what needs to be done and consider who are the best people to ensure the job is done

Send Invitations

Using pre-written invites, ask Team Members to participate in your CheckOutPlan

Make it Official!

Let them know what tasks you have in mind and receive confirmation from Members

Easier for Everyone

Rather than 'hoping it all works out', assigning a Team to share tasks will empower those you trust

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Build the Best Team with Support from Check-Out’s Resources Section

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Helpful Articles for Build Your Team:

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