Making Memories

Don’t let time erase the memory of you

step 6

Never to be Forgotten

Build a repository of your favorite stories, photos and songs to share

Share the stories that will be lost if you don’t. Here’s your chance to help those memories live on for your family, friends and community. Check-Out makes it easy to gather the stories, photos and songs that help to define you. Take a journey of discovery by defining the memories, the people and events that you cherish most.

Never to be Forgoten

Tell Your Best Stories

  • Invite others to contribute

    Give others the chance to add to your story

  • Describe your keepsakes

    Share stories and photos of your favorite items

  • Share your favorite songs

    Build the playlist of your life to be shared at end-of-life events

Don't Delay
  • The history of you

    Help loved ones remember you through the stories you share

  • Share in confidence

    Give your team permission to share your stories at end-of-life events

  • Share your favorite movies

    Ask loved ones to watch them in your memory

Tell Your Story and Be Heard

A Chance to Define and Tell the Story of You

Find Yourself and More

Revisit the good times by sharing the stories, photos and songs that best define you

Invite Others to Contribute

Give your friends and family the opportunity to provide details to make your stories complete

A Valuable Resource for Your Team

Team members can access your stories, photos and songs for use in end-of-life memorial events

Write Your Story… and Discover Yourself

There’s never been a better time to gather your favorite memories to share with your family and friends… Now and in the future

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