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Although Check-Out plan is designed to be easy to use, questions occassionally arise. Please find answers to the most popular questions asked by members, here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Membership

  • Can I invite family and friends to use Check-Out?

    Absolutely! Click on a “Tell a Friend” button when you want to share CheckOutPlan with family and friends and earn free subscriptions!

  • Is having a Check-Out Plan the same as having a will?

    No. A will or testament is a legal document the provides guidance on how people wish their property to be distributed after their death. One or more persons are assigned to carry out duties as the executor, which manages the estate until its final resolution. To find out how to add your CheckOutPlan to your will, seek advice from an estate lawyer.

  • What if I already have a will?

    That’s great! People who want their families to be fully prepared also build a CheckOutPlan which provides much more detail than the average will. Consult an estate lawyer on how to add your CheckOutPlan to your will.

  • So I've Completed My 7-Day Trial and I Love Check-Out! What Happens Next?

    1. An email with a Purchase link will be sent to your email. Click the Purchase link
    2. Log-In and you’ll be directed to My Account
    3. Click Purchase and complete
    Note: Free trials convert to monthly plans. Cancel anytime.

  • What happens to my Check-Out account after I pass away?

    Make sure to add an Emergency Contact when setting up your account. If your account is unpaid, we will attempt to reach your contact. Otherwise, we will encrypt, archive and save for safe-keeping for a period of up to five years.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    There are no commitments at Check-Out. Simply visit your account page (located in Your Office) to cancel your account.

  • Is there a minimum age to use Check-Out?

    Subscribers must of the age in majority in their jurisdiction to use CheckOutPlan.

  • I signed up for a year but want to cancel my membership?

    We’re sad to see you go, but yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime. It’s also easy to move to a monthly plan at anytime by visiting your account page.

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Frequently Asked Questions – CheckOutPlan

  • How do I share completed forms with my team?

    At the bottom of the form, click “Add to my CheckOutPlan” button and then select “Save”. This will automatically move forms into the “My CheckOutPlan”dashboard.

  • Do I really need a team?

    By sharing your CheckOutPlan with a team, you provide them an opportunity to assist in fulfilling your wishes. If no one knows about your plan or it’s contents, how can they help?

  • What is the small line of text at the bottom of each completed form?

    This is your form’s “ID Stamp.” When you select “Share With Team,” your form is automatically saved and marked with an “ID Stamp” which includes details such as your name, account number, date and time of saving the form. In this way, it is easier to prove that this is an authentic document from your CheckOutPlan™ account.

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  • Can I add photos and files of any size?

    Like many of the social media platforms, Check-Out has limits on file sizes which are clearly marked on the “File Uploader” box which is visible on forms.

  • What kind of files can I upload?

    Check-Out manages many file types with the most common being JPG, PDF, and PNG.

  • Why are there limits to how many words I can type on forms?

    Because CheckOutPlan is built to be Check-Out to be printable on letter-sized paper, the space limits the number of characters possible.

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