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Keep life's most important details here and provide family and advisors with access

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Reduce stress, save money and find peace of mind

The information you provide here gives guidance to your family and advisors

In the case of an emergency, the most difficult challenges often center around finding information and lost documents. How much medicine does the dog need? Which cell phone provider do you use? The information you provide here will stop frustration and wasteful spending. Use Check-Out's About You section to keep important details safe and accessible.

Make Life a Little Easier for the Ones Left Behind

Like a Helpful Digital Vault

  • Don't make them search

    Save the family time and stress by providing your information here

  • List digital accounts

    Let your team know where to look for your online accounts

  • Provide family details

    This important information will assist your advisors

Don't Make Them Search
  • Save time and money now

    Use this information when working with your advisors

  • Choose who gets access

    Share access to your information whenever you wish

  • List your subscriptions

    Help your team stop unnecessary bills

When Peace of Mind is Everything

Provide information, documents & photos here


Make it Easy

Provide family & advisors with key details of your life such as important papers, services you use and list your accounts


Reduce Family Stress

Save everyone's time by letting he or she know where your accounts are located. Reduce the stress by helping them know where to look


Stop Billings

When people know where to look, they can quickly stop needless billing from suppliers and providers

One Place for Everything

Life is full of big moments and most of those moments include paperwork. Check-Out is here to help!

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