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Build a digital profile of your life
reduce stress for your team and stop wasteful spending

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Make Life a Little Easier for the Ones Left Behind

The information you provide here gives guidance to your team and your family

When someone passes away, some of the most difficult challenges are often issues like tracking down their accounts. Which cell phone provider did they use? What social media accounts did they have? Prevent frustration and wasteful spending by providing this information in one convenient location. Let your Check-Out Plan start working today and use this information to save time and money when connecting with your lawyers, accountants or estate planners.

Make Life a Little Easier for the Ones Left Behind

Help for Your Family & Team

  • Leave key information for your team

    Save them time by providing the location of your key details

  • List digital accounts

    Let your team know where to look for your online account

  • Provide family details

    This important information will assist your team

Don't Make Them Search
  • Save time and money today

    Have information ready for lawyers and save time and money

  • List associations

    Provide the kind of details that will help your team when the time comes

  • List your subscriptions

    Help your team stop unnecessary bills

Provide Key Information

Build a Snapshot of Your Life to Help People When You’re Gone


Help Your Team Be Effective

Provide your team leam with key information about your life such a list of family members and services you use and accounts


Reduce Family Stress

Save your team lead’s time by letting he or she know where your accounts are located. Reduce the stress by helping them know where to look


Reduce Waste and Spending

Stop wasteful invoicing from suppliers and providers after you pass by letting your team know where your accounts are held

Save Time and Money

Your CheckOutPlan can start working for you today! Use the information in your plan to save time and money at the lawyers and beyond

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