Celebrate Your Life

Plan the memorial that defines the life well-lived

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For Your Family, Your Friends, and, For You

Plan an event that brings people together to remember, share and heal

Build and share your vision of the perfect celebration or memorial service using Check-Out. Give your family and friends the opportunity to gather, comfort each other and heal. Create an event best-suited for you, and your family and friends. Create the guestlist, plan the theme and add the music that best represents the life you’ve lived.

Celebrate Your Life

Celebrate Your Life… with Meaning

  • Describe your vision

    Provide your team with vision & direction of your special end-of-life event

  • Create a guestlist

    And… provide a list of people you don’t wish to attend

  • Choose your songs

    Build the playlist of your favorite songs to play at your celebration. Share the music that defines you

Celebrate a Life Well-Lived
  • Your mortal remains onsite?

    As the guest of honor, will you be in attendance? Add your wishes here

  • A eulogy to remember

    Whether moving, funny or poignant, write a eulogy for the ages with help from Check-Out

  • Leave no doubt

    Provide your team with clear direction. Upload photos of the important details

Don’t Leave Your Final Event to Chance

Direct your team to create a memorable end-of-life event… How do you wish to be remembered?

Celebrate or Mourn?

Whether your end-of-life event is faith-based or unique to you, provide clear and detailed guidance for your team. Get specific with Check-Out.

Plan the Details

Confirm the details such as theme, guestlist, and location. Consider food and beverages. Build your vision of the perfect send-off with Check-Out.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Ensure that people remember the way YOU want. Whether simple or complex event, share the things that define your life.

Create a Wonderful Event for Family and Friends

Whether a celebration of you or poignant remembrance of a life well-lived, Check-Out’s guided process makes planning easy

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