The Big Event

Retiring your mortal remains. Decide what’s best for you

step 5

Save Your Family from Making the Painful Decisions

Provide instruction on how you would like your body to be treated and interred

So many families agonize over what their loved one would have wanted. Protect your family from the distress of making this very personal decision well ahead of The Big Event. Check-Out guides you through the process. When the times comes, your team will know just what to do.

Save Your Family from Making Painful Decisions

Make the Decisions that Others Shouldn’t

  • Reduce family stress & pain

    Let your team know how you wish your body to be treated and interred

  • Reduce wasteful spending

    If you want to keep things simple, let your team know now.

  • Delivering the news

    Write a message to share at the time of your passing and decide who will deliver the news

Make a Plan and Rest Easy
  • The kindest gift of all

    Consider whole body or organ donation and give the lift of life

  • Write your obituary

    Prepare a brief outline of the people and events that matter most. Upload your best photo

  • Leave no doubt for the team

    Upload images of the casket, urn or gravesite you have in mind share with the team

The Logistics of Passing

Who to notify, how you want your body to be treated and to write your obituary

Who to Notify

List the people you want to be notified of your passing and as well, who should deliver the news. List the people you don’t want notified

Body Treatment

“What would she or he have wanted?” Answer this important question in advance and put your family at ease by providing a guide to your wishes

Have Your Obit Ready

Be remembered the way you want by having an obituary ready and upload your favorite photo. Your team will be ready when the time comes

Your Body…Your Choice, Less Stress

Rest easy knowing that your team will be ready to fulfill your wishes when the time comes

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