The Big Event

Make a plan for your mortal remains

step 5

Decisions Your Family Should Never Have to Make

What should be done with your mortal remains?

So many families agonize over what their loved one would have wanted. Protect your family from the distress of making this very personal decision. Use Check-Out to make the best decisions
and guide you through the process. This way, your family and advisors will know just what to do. Your family will thank you for deciding the details well in advance.

Save Your Family from Making Painful Decisions

Make the Big Decisions

  • Reduce family stress & pain

    Let your team know how you wish your body to be treated and interred

  • Stop wasteful spending

    If you want to keep things simple, let your family know

  • At the time of passing

    Provide an announcement to share and decide who will deliver the news

Make a Plan and Rest Easy
  • The kindest gift of all

    Make a plan for organ, tissue or whole body donation and give the gift of life

  • Your obituary and photo

    Prepare a brief outline of the people and events that matter most in your life

  • No guesswork needed

    Add photos of the casket, urn and/or gravesite of your preference

The Logistics of Passing

Provide thoughts on how you want to be treated and who you want involved

Reduce the Stress

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but when family is forced to make painful decisions, it's even worse. Make sure they don't have to

Treatment of Body

"What would she or he have wanted?" Provide guidance on this important matter. Put your family at ease by providing a guide to your wishes

Be Remembered

Be remembered the way you want by writing your obituary and adding your favorite photo. Share with your Team for safekeeping

Your Body, Your Decisions

Consider what's best for you AND your family. They will thank you for your foresight

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