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Check-Out is designed to make legacy planning easy. Helpful prompts and tips show the ways and keep members focused. Communicating withe loved ones is made much easier with pre-filled letters and notes. In this section, learn more about Check-Out and how each section supports the legacy planning process.

Welcome to Your Office

Check-Out's Steps to Success

Each section specializes in specific aspects of life and beyond:

  • having the talk

    1. Having “The Talk”

    Lead the discussion about legacy planning with family and friends. Invite them offer input and share their thoughts.
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  • about you

    2. About You

    Create a detailed profile of information on your family, accounts and providers. Upload important documents, off-site and safe.
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  • build your team

    3. Build Your Team

    Add family and professionals as needed. Team Members no longer have to search for information when they have access!
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  • build your team

    4. Taking Stock

    List your valuables, pets, vehicles and more. Upload photos. Decide who should receive your valued possessions and why.
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  • the big event

    5. The Big Event

    This is about the logistics of passing away. What do you wish done with your mortal remains? Write your obituary and upload your favorite photos. Learn More

  • making memories

    6. Making Memories

    Share the stories, photos, songs and movies that define you. Don’t let your life or legacy be forgotten.
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  • celebrate your life

    7. Celebrate Your Life

    Have a voice in the design of your final event, service or memorial. Determine the guestlist and recommend the perfect food, flowers and music.
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More about Your Office

Within Check-Out, your plan is built and stored in "Your Office." From this central location, it is easy to navigate to each section. Here is an introduction to some of the key elements of Your Office and how they support the successful completion of your CheckOutPlan:

  • the big event


    This is like a progress report on each section of your CheckOutPlan. See the status of each page at a glance and access any form at will.

  • taking stock

    Using Check-Out

    Need more support? This button brigs you back to this page for a quick overview of each section. Additional resources include the articles, FAQs and Help sections.

  • your office

    Team Dashboard

    Use this shortcut to review and manage your Team. Send invites, add team members, edit information or remove them as needed.

  • having the talk

    Review Your Progress

    Assess the progress of your CheckOutPlan at a glance. This dashboard helps you review your accomplishments and the items yet to be completed.

Review Your Progress

Stay up to date. Know what parts of your plan have been completed and what you've shared with your team, all at a glance

Using Check-Out is Easy

A successful CheckOutPlan should easily convey your thoughts and wishes. It is not only easy to build, but should be easy for the Team to interpret, making it easily understood. Here's how Check-Out's guided, step-by-step approach makes building a legacy plan easy:

  • Sign-up for your free trial

  • Communicate your plan with family & friends. Ask for their help or input

  • Take stock of the things in your life. Decide who gets what and why

  • Store important documents and information with confidence

  • Build a trusty Team & share any part of your plan when ready

Introductory Letter
Follow the Steps

Connect with Loved Ones

Engage family and friends by including them in your plan

Mortality is often one of the most difficult subjects to discuss. That's why our planning process begins with "Having “The Talk." This section encourages constructive conversations with loved ones. CheckOutPlan makes it much easier with pre-filled letters that can be easily edited and sent as needed. Encourage family and friends to get involved with the legacy planning process and keep them engaged and informed.

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