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We are passionate about helping people and their families plan for the future

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Brought together by loss and and the challenges that followed, Check-Out’s crew sought to create a unique place online where people and their families could prepare for their time of passing. Supported by like-minded professionals from the frontiers of law, death care, technology and finance, this team joined forces to create change and positive outcomes.

Removing the Guesswork

The People Behind Check-Out

Check-Out is comprised of a tightly-knit group of professionals and supported by industry consultants, mentors, family and friends. We are passionate about helping people to build and share their wishes and memories. Like so many others, this team has lived through the loss of loved ones. They have all experienced the trauma of making tough decisions on behalf of departed loved ones, but without the benefit of their guidance… Blind decisions. CheckOutPlan is our response to a real problem, shared by all.

The People Behind Check-Out
Tammy Brown - CEO

Tammy Brown

Tammy has worn many hats including designer, writer, marketing director, and creative director in a career that has spanned nearly three decades. She has worked with companies such as Intrawest, helping to craft their messaging to rise above the din. After the sudden and traumatic loss of her mother, she knew there had to be a better way… Check-Out!

Joel Stevens

Manager, Online Services
Also known as the chief architect of the Check-Out platform, Joel is well-known as the Lead Developer of successful web platforms for a wide variety of companies.

Joel continues to direct the development of the Check-Out platform. We look forward to some of his very best work in upcoming releases.

He lives in Kelowna, BC with his wife Lynn and enjoys hockey, snowboarding and beach time.

Joel Stevens - Manager, Online Services

Tim Meints - Manager, Operations

Tim Meints

Manager, Operations
One of the early pioneers of the satellite telecommunications industry, Tim recognized the lasting impact the last 30 years would have on communications today. He has a wide range of experience, spanning national warehousing and sales to General Manager of an large microwave communications manufacturing company.

Tim supports Check-Out by keeping the daily operations running smoothly and effectively. His interests include sailing, flying and dressage.

Holly Cliffe - Manager, Social Media
Holly Cliffe

Manager, Social Media

Holly directs the communication and strategic advertising outreach through Check-Out’s social media channels. She has created and managed accounts for professional teams, branches of the US military, travel organizations, and international corporations.

Chelsea Bowles - Manager, Content
Chelsea Bowles

Manager, Content

A content editor and interviewer for legal firms for several years, Chelsea now writes content for Check-Out’s Resources section and edits articles submitted by guest authors.

Vadim Kotin - Manager, Online Marketing
Vadim Kotin

Manager, Online Marketing

Offering more than 10 years of high-level online marketing experience, Vadim develops the effective internet marketing strategies that help Check-Out be seen by thousands of people every day.

Our belief and intent

We believe that people can be protected from at least some of the stress that results from the passing of a loved one.

Our intent is to help those people share their wishes and plans for loved ones.

People Love Using Check-Out

Building a plan for end-of-life events just got easy

People Love Using Check-Out
  • Supportive Family

    “My family is supportive of this process. They have been sending me the things I need to build my plan.”


  • Planning for the Future

    “Who knew that planning for death could be this much fun? Crazy!”


  • While I Still Can

    “Sadly, dementia runs in our family. I feel better now that I have a plan [in Check-Out] that lets me tell the stories and upload the pictures that are important to me.”


  • I Now I Have a Plan for My Dog

    “I love that there’s now a plan for my dog, Casey, just in case anything happens to me.”


  • Don’t Want to Burden My Kids

    “I don’t want to burden my kids. My CheckOut plan makes me feel like I’m being making sure they understand my wishes.”

    – L. M.

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