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Asked to be a Team Member? Here are some of the Rewards & Responsibilities

When a loved one asks you to help them with their Check-Out plan, they have put their faith and trust in you... Make them proud!

When you accept the responsibility of being a Team Member, it is important to understand the expectations and ethics therein. Essentially, you are entrusted with a set of tasks and accomplishing those tasks will help move everyone closer to healthy closure. Successfully fulfilling your role as a Team Member may look different from one family to the next. But ideally, both the CheckOutPlan user and the Team Member play an active role in getting it right.

Build Your Team

Your team can be family, friends, estate planners or other professionals

Successful outcomes happen when Team Members support the rest of the team

Discover How

How does one become a Team Member?

The journey to becoming a Team Member usually begins in the form of an invitation from a loved one who happens to be a Check-Out user. This invitation may also contain a basic outline of the tasks the Check-Out user will be asking you.

Once you have accepted this invitation, your loved one may send a more detailed overview of the tasks you will be entrusted with. They may provide access to their "My Team" dashboard where they will post the completed parts of their CheckOutPlan. From here, Team Members can view, download or print any documents a user has given them access to.

What does a Team Member actually do?

Team Members can take on many roles such as the accountant, family members or your executor. In any case, when you agree to become a Team Member, you are being entrusted to certain carry out duties. Not only are they counting on you, but family and friends are as well. It is important that all Team Members are guided by the following principles when carrying out the duties and tasks they have agreed to:

  • Honesty

    Team Members need to be honest, willing and available to take care of the tasks they have agreed to.

  • Respect

    Work to the very best of your ability to be respectful of the deceased's memory, possessions, privacy and family. Good intent can go a long way to keeping the peace with others.

  • Reliability

    If you agreed to be available, do everything in your power to be there when needed.

  • Discretion

    All Team Members should be discreet and keepers of all matters related to CheckOutPlan. Use discretion when revealing any information to anyone as it relates to Team duties.

  • Availability

    As schedules and demands change, it can be challenging to predict availability when you are needed for these duties. Have a back-up plan ready and communicate with the Team Leader to confirm.

  • Be a Team Player

    You’re not alone. Listen and communicate with members of the Team, family and friends as needed. Support the needs of other Team Members wherever possible.

For the Team Leader

The depth of your role and responsibilities as a Team Leader may be dependent on whether an executor is also involved. If possible, check with your loved one to confirm the details.
A great Team Leader should be the point person for all other Team Members. For more on the role of a Team Leader, read the tips below and visit

When possible...

  • Confirm whether the Check-Out member has a legal will and whether they have added their CheckOutPlan to their will.

  • Confirm whether the Check-Out user has assigned an executor. If so, try to arrange a meeting or call.

  • Confirm current status family dynamics. If conflicts exist among family or friends, its best to know in advance.

  • Confirm any information or details your loved one wishes to be kept confidential.

  • Confirm the location and management of funds needed to fulfill wishes and who has access. Ensure that that person is aware of the plan.

  • Confirm what rewards may be available for Team Members in advance and how to access when the time comes.

  • Communicate any issues you may have with other Team Members or challenges you foresee with the CheckOutPlan Subscriber.

After passing...

  • Consider hosting a dinner or get-together for the Team in advance to connect and set a positive tone.

  • You’re the captain! Be the point person for all Team Members.

  • Be a problem-solver. Work with Team Members to find solutions to challenges as they arise.

  • Be flexible. If a Team Member is unavailable when the time comes, have an alternative plan available.

  • Be ready to listen and solve conflicts as they arise.

  • Be true. Remember, these are wishes that have been entrusted to you. Do your best to ensure they are carried out in their interests.

Making a difference in the lives of family & friends

Being a Team Member is a selfless act. Learn more by visiting our Resources section for supportive articles on being a great Team Leader or Member.

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