Taking Stock

Your Favorite Things. Decide Where They Will Go & Why. CheckOutPlan will Show you How

step 4

Choose Who Will Receive the Items that Matter Most and Why

Don’t let family and friends fight over the little things. Your CheckOutPlan will provide the needed direction

Family conflict is often driven by the sentimental things, such as family heirlooms or the flatscreen TV or even your jewellery. In the Taking Stock section, it’s easy to identify objects, upload pictures and provide direction on what happens to your most important possessions and why. Simply put, stop the conflict before it starts.

Choose Who Will Receive the Items that Matter Most and Why

Take Stock: It Just Makes Sense

  • Our guided process makes it easy

    Use the 360° Method to list your most valuable items. Upload photos

  • Direction for your team

    Provide the location and access to important papers and other items

  • Protect your pets

    Choose new caregivers & leave detailed instruction on your pet’s care

Make Sure He's Taken Care of
  • Stop family conflict

    Provide detailed instructions on your possessions

  • Leave nothing to chance

    Prevent “switching” of precious items. Check-Out will show you how

  • Be kind to the earth

    Decide which charities to donate unwanted items to and what to recycle

Make Your Wishes Known

Who will receive your most valued possessions? Remove the guesswork

Stay in Control

Save your loved ones some of the pain by providing clear instructions. Leave the doubt out!

Leave a Visual Guide

Upload images and descriptions of your most important items to prevent mistakes or conflict

Stop Dishonesty!

Use stickers to mark your most important items, take a picture and upload those photos here

How Do You Value Your Valuables?

STOP precious possessions or family heirlooms being tossed away just because no one knew their history or worth. Prevent the guesswork… And regret

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