Having “The Talk”

Lead the conversation about legacy planning with those who matter most

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Shed Light on an Otherwise Dark Topic

Use Check-Out to lead the conversation about legacy planning with loved ones

For most families, talking about legacy planning means talking about mortality. That's why Check-Out's first section is dedicated to communication and bringing loved ones into the discussion. This is an opportunity to engage family and friends, ask for input and even request support.

Talking to Family About End-of-Life

Lead the Discussion

  • Get the discussion started

    Start important conversations with those closest to you

  • Talk about legacy planning

    Share your intent to build a CheckOutPlan

  • Pre-written letters help

    Letters are pre-written to get the conversation started, quickly & easily

Your Just-in-Case
  • Share with your parents

    For parents who have not yet started their planning, help them get started

  • Ask for input & insight

    Ask those closest to you for help with the big decisions

  • Share with your children

    Children are often uncomfortable with legacy planning. Get them talking

Leading the Discussion

Help Family and Friends Have “The Talk” About Legacy Planning Using Check-Out

Connect with Family & Friends

Using Check-Out offers a great opportunity to connect with family and get them involved in the legacy planning process

Use Input to Make the Best Decisions

A legacy plan is for you and your family. Use their input to make the best decisions for everyone involved.

Write Personalized Just-in-Case Letters

Say everything you want them to know using the pre-filled forms. Check-Out's guided process makes it easy to get started.

What Would You Tell Them?

Lead the conversation about legacy planning with family & friends using CheckOutPlan

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