Having “The Talk”

Lead the conversation with the
people who matter most

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Check-Out is Here to Make Difficult Discussions Easier

Use Check-Out to lead the conversation about end-of-life planning with loved ones

Having “The Talk” about mortality and other challenging topics isn’t easy for most families. In Check-Out’s first section, share your intent to build an end-of-life plan with family and friends. This is an opportunity to engage loved ones, request support and ask for input for your planning process. Include them when writing your powerful Just-in-Case letters and share your most important thoughts… Just in case.

Talking to Family About End-of-Life

Lead the Discussion

  • Give your loved ones the chance to talk

    Start one of the most important conversations with your closest people

  • Share your decision to build a Check-Out plan

    Share your intent to build a CheckOutPlan with your the people

  • Pre-written letters speed up the process

    Pre-written letters get the conversation started, quickly and easily

Your Just-in-Case
  • Send a letter to your parents

    As an icebreaker for parents who have not yet provided their last wishes, help them get started!

  • Ask for input

    Encourage a discussion about the planning process with those closest to you

  • Send a letter to your children

    When your children are uncomfortable with the topic of your demise, get them talking

Why Have “The Talk?”

Help Family and Friends Have “The Talk” About Mortality and Planning Using Check-Out

Guided Just-in-Case Letters Make It Easier

Leave behind thoughtful letters to those who matter most by editing pre-written letters to create a powerful statement. Be heard!

Ask for Input, Build Support

Invite loved ones to provide comments early in the planning process. Get people onboard with your planning process.

Make Wise Decisions Based on Input

Make the right decisions for you and your family based on the information they’ve shared with you here. Build a plan that works.

Lead the Discussion

Invite a conversation about mortality when you let family and friends know about your decision to build a CheckOutPlan

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