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An amazing tool that helps clients store & share information when and where you need it

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Save Time & Stand Apart

Connect to your clients in new and exciting ways with Check-Out Plan

Connect and collaborate with clients and their families like never before. Check-Out is a legacy planning tool that benefits people in collecting, organizing and storing their important life information such as legal documents, assets, personal information, photos, journals, and so much more.

Our platform provides a safe, secure, and off-site storage of this information privately and securely held from the risks of fire, flood and theft. The option of designating Team Members allows trusted advisors, family or friends to access specific information. This is of particular value for people experiencing diminished mental capacity, chronic illness, and those trusted with their information.

Make Life a Little Easier for the Ones Left Behind

Improve Client Relationships & Create New Ones

A Compelling Strategy

Use Check-Out to help your clients and your business


New Business Opportunities

Get in front of current clients and attract new ones too with your own co-branded landing page and receive support from our targeted social media channels


Gain Deeper Understanding

Prompts help clients to identify more assets, and potential challenges allowing you to easily spot opportunities and improve service


Stand Apart from the Competition

Provide Check-Out and prove your worth above the competition while at the same time, improving efficiency, billing and client loyalty

Increase the Value

  • A more complete overview

    Prompts encourage clients to provide more details

  • Gain business through referrals

    Families collaborate by design, increasing your exposure

  • Increase efficiency

    Reduce the time required to process files as clients provide information in Check-Out

Don't Make Them Search
  • Connect to the rest of the family

    Connect to the rest of the family network as a Team Member in Check-Out

  • Promoting your brand

    Your co-branded landing page keeps you in front of clients

  • Free Check-Out Plans for you!

    Use Check-Out to manage your own legacy plan to share with family

Peace of Mind

“Making a CheckOutPlan has brought such peace of mind to me. That alone is worth using this service.”

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