Top Ten Burial Trends

Which burial method suits you? Ever wonder about burial trends beyond the more traditional burial and cremation options? Let’s review some of the more exotic approaches. From being made into jewelry to being shot out into space, there’s something for everyone. Should any of these methods appeal to you, check with your local funeral home to see what’s possible based … Read More

Re-Purposing You. The Gift of Life Through Donation

While organ and tissue donation is slightly more common, far fewer donors of the whole-body variety come forward. Although there is a growing awareness that body donations to universities are essential for education and research, many people simply do not have the paperwork in place in advance of their passing.  As well, they may not be aware that many religions support this kind of selfless act. Donating your body is a generous act that ensures future medical professionals gain much needed skills and knowledge.

Mortal Remains… Which Choice is Best for You?

While all the traditional routes to burial remain popular, there are new movements within the funeral and burial industry that are seeking to have a closer relationship to their deceased rather than the arms-length approach we typically follow today. The treatment of the body (such as burial, creation, etc.) are independent of the celebration or service to follow. For example, a burial or wake can occur with cremated remains; a funeral can have an open casket or cremated remains. This section explores some of the options therein.