How I Reinvented My Life By Changing My Style…


(When I Was Diagnosed With Incurable Cancer)

What if I told you that dramatically changing your life can take place with just one pivotal style secret?

And that this secret can make ALL the difference between staying stuck and living the life of your dreams?

In fact, it will enable you to unlock the Superhero inside you — the kind of person who can take on the world and make magic happen. Someone who is up for big challenges and can massively up level for this brand new chapter in your life.

“What I have found is that when you purposefully seek out new ways to express yourself with your clothing, it starts to create a shift inside you.”

How do I know this?

Just a few short years ago, I was your typical entrepreneur with a big vision and seemingly no way to achieve it.

You see, I was lying on a hospital bed just coming to after undergoing intensive surgery. My oncologist had just informed me that I had incurable cancer.

Right then and there, I decided to do something I had never done before.

Reinvent myself — starting from the outside in.

If I wanted to make my ALL dreams come true…my dreams for speaking on stages, writing a book, and travelling all around the world, I couldn’t allow myself to identify with being a cancer patient.

I desperately needed the confidence to become someone MUCH BIGGER. I wanted to powerfully step into the kind of person who could not only realize her big vision for her health, but also for her business AND her life.

So I began dressing as if I was someone who was larger than life itself…someone who was healthy, rich and famous!

I bought a pair of skin tight, super sexy, sequin pants and wore them as often as I could — even to the grocery store.

That’s right. When everyone else was advising me to wear comfortable clothing like yoga pants and a sweatshirt for chemo, I decided to DRESS UP for cancer.


When I started dressing like this, things exploded (in a good way).

Wearing those pants made me FEEL like I could travel the world, publish a book and speak on stages one day.

What happened next still takes my breath away.

Remarkably, within less than 6 months, I took that death sentence and transformed into my passport to life.

Ever since then, I’ve traveled to bucket list places all around the world, published a book and recently spoke in London at the Women’s Economic Forum. I was even awarded, “2019 Iconic Woman Creating a Better World For All.”

The best part is that I’m 100% cancer free to this day. That was almost 7 years ago!

All of this would have never happened if I hadn’t dressed the larger than life woman I saw myself becoming.

So let me ask you this, are you going through an identity crisis right now?

Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce or you’ve recently lost a lot of weight. Or perhaps you have a desire to up level your career, break barriers in your business, or even move to a different country.

Whatever big things you would like to shift, chances are, you feel like there’s a New You that desperately wants to emerge…

Because you find yourself constantly fantasizing about living a better life.

While at the same time, the old tapes from your past keep running through your mind like a repetitive loop. You’d love to shake an old victim story that keeps holding you back.

Because you know you are so much more than that.

Yet somehow you can’t put a finger on who that new man or woman is…

Every time you look in your closet, your old clothes no longer make sense. Whenever you look in the mirror, it’s hard to recognize the face staring back at you.

Everything in your world seems to represent a past you’d love to turn the page on and an Old You that wants to slip out the door.

Everyone knows it’s the worst place in the world to be — straddling the fence, asking the same questions over and over again, “Who am I now??”

If this sounds like you, here are my top 5 tips for reinventing your life by changing your style:

1). Get clear on who you no longer want to be. Are you willing to let go of an old identity that no longer serves you?

2). Become clear on the kind of person you need to become to accomplish your big dreams. What qualities or traits do you need to possess that you don’t have right now? Is it a lack of confidence? Or a lack of decisiveness? Write it all down.

3). Next, take a look at your closet to see if any of your clothes represent the person you would like to become. Do you currently own items that make you feel like an old version of yourself? If so, be willing to sell or donate them to someone who might have a need for them.

4). Ask yourself, “What outfit makes me feel like I have superhuman strength?” Then hit the stores and start trying on things that make you feel like you are wearing what I like to call, “Your Superhero Cape.”

5). Finally, start saying to hell with the fashion rules and just start tuning into what makes you feel so good — you can’t help but feel like you can accomplish anything!

Most people don’t even realize that clothing can be a powerful tool for transformation.

“When you find your unique style, it will create such a shift inside you, that doors of incredible opportunities will begin to open up for you.”

All because of HOW you are showing up.

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by Annie Francesca (Pool)

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Annie Francesca (Pool) is a Reinvention Stylist who helps career and business women over 50 reinvent their lives after divorce, loss or chronic illness, starting with their wardrobes.

Copyright © 2020, Annie Francesca. Reprinted with kind permission from the author.